Promoting a fun and educating way to give back to all of our communities, by preparing young ladies to get out and "give back" with their time, talent and heart filled efforts!
We are not just another beautiful face, look into our beautiful hearts!

Dear Pageant Contestant,

You are invited to participate in this FUN and EXCITING EVENT ......Just think YOU could be the next ......... Baby, Toddler, Mini, Tiny, Petite, Little, Pre-Teen, Junior or Teen  Miss Alabama!

Our pageant system Believes in Building Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Making New Friends and Having Fun!!!
No Experience Necessary! 

Look for a Preliminary pageants in your area to possible get your fees paid to State or you can come straight to State without competing in a preliminary!

We like to expose the natural beauty of our girls so each and every contestant goes home feeling like WINNERS!

Open to all Girls
Babies through 19 years of age, 9 age divisions competing!

No One ever goes home Empty handed!

    Next Little Miss Alabama State Pageant


Friday August 27, 2016

You MUST have an Entry Form filled out and all of your items turned in by this date, or you will not be in the State Program Book!

Deadline: Friday July 29, 2016


                 Baby Miss Alabama         0-12 Months
* Toddler Miss                  13-23 Months
* Mini Miss Alabama             2-3 Years 
* Tiny Miss Alabama        4-5 Years 
Petite Miss Alabama      6-7 Years 
* Little Miss Alabama       8-9 Years 
* Pre-Teen Miss ALabama  10-12 Years
Junior Miss Alabama      13-15 Years 
* Teen Miss Alabama            16-19 Years 


Office: 256-513-0554
Stacy Whitt- Director/Owner
Statewide Pageant Productions
Little Miss Alabama
2341 Little Cove Rd
 Hampton Cove, Al 35763


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