About Us


Our Prestigious event has made headlines since 2001 for our ability to make each and every contestant feel special for the recognition that is well deserved! Our Title holders have made many appearances, visited the Governor & President, led wonderful Community Projects and showcased the Power of Passion one person can truly make!

Our Pageant System Believes in Building Self Confidence, Teaching the girls that beauty is within, Loving Ourselves As We Are, Making New Friends, Having Fun & Going home Proud and feeling like Winners!!!

Pageant Details  

* State Entry Fee $255.00   (this covers everything)

* Attire for girls 0-7 years may wear Easter dress, flower girl dress, Cinderella dress, cupcake dress etc. These dresses may have some stones, beads, pearls and/ or sequins on them.  

*  No Hair Pieces, No Flippers! 

* Attire for girls 8 & up should wear floor length pageant dresses, formals, gowns etc.   

YOUR Choice!  Please use discretion when choosing your dress, age appropriate is part of the Judging criteria.

* Sportswear- we will provide you with a tiedied T-shirt (colors are limegreen, pink, purple) with white print, that you will wear with white bottoms of your choice, you must find your own white shorts, skort, skirt, etc. You may add ribbons, stones, your name, any props, bags, sunglasses, accessories etc. to fit your personality!  The bottoms do not have to be solid white. Modeling will be runway style, you can be original just NO Pro-Am modeling!                  (Your shoes are also your choice)

*  Please send one 4x6 photo that will be used for our most photogenic.

* Registration & Rehearsal will be same day. 

* Showtime is at 4:00

 Please arrive at 3:30 dressed in your LMA t-shirt or in time to get ready!

* A group photo of all the contestants will  be taken at 3:45 in your LMA t-shirt. (On the Stage)

* There are Dressing rooms available, for contestants ONLY!!! ONE Parent per contestant is allowed back stage and in the dressing facility!

* Sorry NO Dads ALLOWED in the Dressing Rooms! 

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 Are your pageants Glitz or Natural?
We are a Natural Pageant system. You may wear a floor length pageant dress with some beads, stones, sequins etc. Easter dresses, flower girl dresses, Cinderella dresses even the short cupcake dresses for girls ages 7 & under is fine.
We also discourage anything more than light makeup such as lip gloss and a little blush on  the younger girls.  
Your photogenic photos cannot be professionally retouched.  Remember, our judges always look for age-appropriateness. 

Do I have to participate in the Photogenic competition?
Yes! This is already included in the price of the pageant. Each contestant will send one 4x6 picture of your choice, black & white or color.  



 What is Sportswear
We will provide you with a Little Miss Alabama t-shirt and you will be responsible for getting your own white shorts, skirt, skort etc. Your bottoms don't have to be solid white, they can have some print on them. This is part of the competition where you can express your personality with props, such as sunglasses, hats, jackets, pom-poms soccer ball, bat etc.
No Full Pro-Am Routines ( can not use your own music ) ------ Simple dance moves, runway modeling, posses, gymnastics, etc. will be fine.

What will be first; the dress competition or sportswear?
The sportswear will be first and then you will compete in your dress so that you can be crowned and awarded in your dresses!

Can I get my score sheets back?
Of course! We will be sending you a Thank You letter the week following the pageant and your score sheets will be included! We will NOT be giving out score sheet the day of the pageant!s 



Will I get my picture back?
Yes, if you want it, Please remember to get it back at the pageant.

If I win, can I compete again?
No!  We ask that you return to crown your successor, but you may compete again the following year! (all age divisions)

If I win, what are my requirements as a State Queen?
We would like you to make at least 3 appearance through the year, such as Riding in your local Christmas Parade, visiting the Governor, your Mayor, Relay for Life, St. Jude's Hospital, Ribbon cutting events, etc. You must return to Crown your successor. Anything that you feel you would like to do with your New State Title that is responsible and appropriate!   (Please take photos they will appear in the Program Book the following year) We like to schedule at least 3 group events for all of the reigning Queens!